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    chipOur Power Quencher™ technology is used in our LDOs to enable extremely low quiescent currents of 15 µA down to 1 µA and best-in-class dynamic performance without requiring output capacitance. Save precious board space and decrease system costs with our capless LDOs.

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    powerVidatronic offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-efficiency power management architectures for application in portable, handheld, and wearable electronic devices. Improve your overall performance and lower your costs with our capacitor-less LDO voltage regulators, voltage references, and switching converters.

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    Here at Vidatronic, we deliver unique and energy-efficient power management design solutions that assist in the creation of innovative and intelligent devices people use everyday. We believe in developing superior technology that minimizes overall system costs for our customers while providing world-class performance characteristics.  Learn more about us >>


    How do I know which LDO is right for me?

    LDOs are so common inside portable devices, that state of the art power management integrated circuits (PMICs) for smartphones and other portable devices include over a dozen LDOs. To know which LDO you need, you must first define the application of your LDO and then examine which parameters are most important when dealing with that application. With so many different LDO applications and the multiple parameters that characterize a particular LDO, it is not easy to determine which LDO is best suited.

    To help you figure this out, we have put together a reference, “Guide to Choosing the Best LDO for Your Application,” by Vidatronic President, Moises Robinson, Ph.D. and Jerry Rudiak, M.S.E.E. This guide presents a comprehensive list of all of the different LDO parameters with definitions, the most common applications of LDOs, and which parameters are critical for each.

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    Why do I need a capless LDO?

    As demand for better and more efficient battery-powered and handheld devices continues to increase, it becomes more important to design electronic systems that consume minimal idling power. For this reason, the power management of such devices is increasingly more important for the present (and future) microelectronics industry. It is vital for engineers to increase the life of a device and its battery while simultaneously reducing the overall cost of the device.

    Capacitor-less LDOs increase power density (which will dramatically reduce power consumption), reduce board area, and lower costs all by eliminating the need for an external component (i.e. the output capacitor). To get a better understanding of capacitor-less LDOs versus the traditional LDOs that use output capacitance, read our white paper, “Tradeoffs of LDO Architectures and the Advantages of Advanced Architecture “Capless” LDOs” by industry-expert and CTO of Vidatronic, Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio, Ph.D. and Jerry Rudiak, M.S.E.E.

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